As our main supplier, Westomatic has taken a proactive approach to corporate responsibility, leading the market in terms of green innovation including; design, supply chain management, production techniques and waste management. Click on the link below to download the Westomatic_Green_Credentials brochure.
Businesses currently account for around half of the UK’s carbon emissions. But one of the fastest ways to save money and fight climate change is to reduce the amount of energy used. With this in mind, Capital Vending has taken a proactive approach to social responsibility, leading in terms of green innovation, design, supply chain, management, production techniques and waste management Responsible Purchasing and Distribution

• British Manufacturers used where possible which means shorter logistical paths and a reduced carbon
• All free-standing beverage machines transported in long-life re-usable cases which reduces the use of
cardboard, polystyrene and wooden pallets
• Companies used which purchase up to 90% of their components sourced from the UK
Exceptional Recycling Properties
• Recycled materials used wherever possible including plastic mouldings
• In-house paint plant recycles heat from drying process for the final baking cycle and over 90% of oversprayed
powder coating is re-used
• All spare parts distributed in re-used boxes
Long Operational Life
• Construction of machines that are of a robust nature to ensure operational longevity and have
refurbishment centres that cost effectively extend the working life of equipment which further reduces
waste and reliance on land fill.
Environmentally Friendly Construction
• Hot and Cold Beverage Machines:
• Programmable energy management system reduces power consumption by up to 30%
• Flash cooling technology means electricity is only consumed when a chilled drink selection is actually
• Gravity fed paperless brewer uses less energy than a pressurised system
• Permanent refillable ingredient canisters mean less packaging, waste and cost (compared with in-cup
• 50,000 hour, long life LED lighting means no-more mercury gas filled light tubes to replace and sleek
design eliminates the need for additional lighting
• Cup sensor allows the use of own cup, mug, jug or bottle which reduces waste


Taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint…

Capital Vending are fully committed to supporting environmental causes through the supply of both Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified products.

Environmentally Friendly Construction Cont…

• Snack, Can & Bottle Machines:
• Foam injected cabinet and door ensures ultimate insulation
• Triple glazed window reduces heat transfer
• All snack machines use low energy LED lighting
• Patented side elevations deliver cool air directly on the products (rather than shill the cabinet): the
refrigeration system doesn’t have to work as hard and reduces waste energy
• Uses of ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant
Proud to be part of BEP’s Green Network Business Environment Partnership
We are well aware of the negative impact businesses can have on the environment and the challenges involved in changing attitudes and practices in order to reduce these impacts. But it is vital that now, more than ever, we take responsibility for the impact we have. Through our association with the Business Environment Partnership, we are demonstrating our commitment to the environment and continual improvement within our business. We strive to improve our  environmental awareness and work with sound environmental practices in everything we do.
Further Information:

Trees 4 Scotland

Capital Vending is proud to now be supporting the Trees4Scotland Woodland project. For every vending the
machine put out into the field 2 trees are planted in Teaghlach wood near the village of Comrie in central
Scotland. Teaghlach Wood forms a key part of Trees4Scotland’s efforts to restore native woodlands.

Green Credentials

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